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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Dinoco is Fabulous Lightning McQueen

Thanks “Toomsterev” for the heads up & photo.

The 2-pack of Fabulous Lightning McQueen features the weird “prototype-like” screenshot of a mythical Fabulous DINOCO Lightning McQueen …

Maybe at one point, CARS 3 ended with Cruz being sponsored by Rust-Eze so Lightning switched to Dinoco? It is a weird “prototype” as it’s also missing the LIGHT YEAR words on the tires … it might’ve been a CG image to begin with (they don’t usually make a prototype of the body is essentially the same and it’s just a repaint or an accessory added) … they usually never bother to re-photograph a prototype but this one is a major change so it seems to have escaped a non-eagle eye sign off. So the diecast is correct but the “screenshot” on the package is not …

So, if you’re some error variant card collector, this might get changed/replaced? Or not …

From ART OF CARS 3 (the book).



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