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Disney Pixar CARS 3: Jada 1:24 Scale Visual Checklist Update

Thanks “Paul R.” for the corrections and update.

It turns out while Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen & Dinoco Cruz Ramirez were shown in a “with tire rack version,” JADA has decided to release only a version without a tire rack for those two so the checklist has been updated.

“Paul R.” also notes that originally retail stores/the big three (WM, Target & TRU) had exclusive rights to the “with tires/rack” versions and the remaining stores could order the versions without tires – but of course, the big retailers mostly wanted to order the versions without tires/rack so now both versions are available to everyone.

ALL the 1:24 CARS you see below shown with tires/rack are also available without tires/rack. Mack, Cruisin’ and Dinoco Cruz are ONLY available without tires/rack. Fillmore comes with Oil cans and not tires/rack.

The two exclusives (D23 Expo Cruz, Rust-Eze Racing Center Lightning) are also only available without a rack/extra tires.

And YES, you can actually swap out the tires & rims (mini tool included) so they are not just for show.

They are solidly diecast with great sculpts.

You can check out larger photos Cruz, Jackson Storm, Rust-Eze Racing Lightning & Lightning McQueen.

There are three more releases scheduled to be released soon – maybe as early as this month: Fabulous Lightning McQueen (with tires/rack), CARS 3 Mack with Trailer & Mack CARS 3 cab only which appears to be out now.

You can find some on Amazon.

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