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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: The Amazon 10-Packs Are Up for Pre-Order

The second wave of 10-packs are up for pre-order (as we launch into the Christmas-holiday season).

Thanks for the heads up, “Big Bad A-Man’s Dad”

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Die-Cast Vehicle, 10 Pack (aka: the RPM 10-pack)

  • Vehicles inspired by Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Florida International Super Speedway Day
  • Includes 1 exclusive to Amazon RPM #64 vehicle
  • Lightning McQueen, Mater, Rusty & Dusty, Luigi & Guido, plus new character vehicles Jackson Storm!

Though as “Big Bad A-Man’s Dad” notes, the photo of RPM has disappeared from the listing.

The second listing is for the Easy Idle exclusive in the Disney Cars Pixar Cars Collection (10 Pack)

  • Includes an exclusive Easy Idle #51 vehicle
  • Makes an instant collection
  • Exciting gift for fans of all ages!

So, they are “listed” as exclusives to Amazon – until we see the packaging, we don’t know if it’s an EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE or just a packaging exclusive but presuming it’s diecast exclusives – it means we won’t see Easy Idle or RPM as singles for a year – that is the general standard for exclusives though they might appear in other box sets available only at Amazon.

Now, if they are just packaging exclusives (aka: first look), then that doesn’t apply and we’ll see them sooner as singles.




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