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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Target Re-Stock CASE N

Looks like CASE N was a Target-only case though it says nothing on the outside to indicate such as a designation.

A nice case with the Dirt Track Fab Hudson Hornet, the now “non-Chase” Cruz as Frances Beltline plus a couple more Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning (Target exclusive).

All the releases sport the larger V2 Mattel logo cards including the Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning cards.

The Piston Cup racers in this case.

Jackson is the error variant with just a window in the back.

Cruz is the correct version with the window supports.

Cal’s name on the hoodline no longer reads HANK.

And the townies. Probably the lowest number of Lightning’s in a case in a couple years?

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  • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

    Stock has stalled out at my 4 area targets. For the last 6 weeks its been nothing but the same ol’ stuff from wave 1. they’ve received shipments since mid july but nothing newer than the cases that had Tex and Sally in them. Disappointing to know there’s more than a dozen CARS out there that for some reason can’t get to any of my stores (including 2 TRU and only about a dozen walmarts)

  • CarsCollector says:

    Thank goodness! I need a new Lizzie and I better find me a single pack Racing Center McQueen. Checked 6 Targets and I don’t collect playsets soooo

  • thebreezz says:

    I got a crazy one yesterday at my Target in Bellevue, Nebraska I started to look to see if the “Hank/Cal” name game showed up in the 2pk.
    Yes it did, so I have both now But I also found one that had NO NAME ! So being the collect them all kinda guy Now I have 3 2pks ? Has anyone seen one of these ?

  • quercy says:

    Way too many repeat still…. common Mattel pull out the new ones !!!!

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