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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: The Oddball “V” Case

CARS diecasts currently ship in cases of 24 – there are occasional Expanded Universe limited releases that ship in cases of 12 but CASE V is an oddball one of 8.

This was available early on – early production code plus the warning not to shelf before 5.1.2017. I presume this was a case for convenience stores, mini marts or even supermarkets who might only have 1 peg available?

In addition to what you see below, it contains 3 Lightning McQueen’s. The Jackson & Cruz have the opaque windows without the support bars as with the other early production runs.

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  • loics says:

    Just found the racers 4-pack at Target. Unfortunately 48 re-volting is the only new one. Arrrrrrgh! Mattel!

  • loics says:

    Here in San Diego I cannot find anything new. On the shelves all racers 2.0 and Racing Center LMQ are gone. Everything else is over-stocked

    • quercy says:

      One month after the movie released Storm, Cruz, Smokey and Fritter are hard to find but like you said the rest is overstocked… especially the 2-pack which does not seems to sell at all. Will take a while before new stuff shows up… Have seen few Dr. Rampage but with addition of Mack and Red from that case it make the overstocking issue worst… Another not so sucessful launch marketing from Mattel…

  • quercy says:

    I have seen exactly theses cars and only these on a shelf at Dollar General yesterday ! So yes that make perfect sense ! 🙂

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