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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Sally’s Cozy Cone Delayed

The Precision Series Sally’s Cozy Cone was rumored to be canceled but DO NOT PANIC. NOT TRUE.

It has been moved to SPRING 2018 which makes sense with all the CARS 3 product around.

So, save up your money.

Still listed on Amazon so you can still look at the pics.

Looks pretty huge and elaborate.

It looks like Sally has headlights that light up.

So, you can cozy up next Spring.

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  • stormcooper says:

    Is there a list of what precision sets are available, and what the release schedule for the rest will be?

    (MET: Update coming!)

  • shaunnydee says:

    But… but… I just build a new shelf n made room for it!!! Start of NEXT year is forever away!!!

    (MET: Mark out the space, put up a chain link fence and a bunch of construction trucks with eyes. Don’t forget to include a CAR with a STOP/SLOW sign). 🙂

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