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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Kmart 12-Pack Unboxed

Thanks for the nice pics, “Toomsterev.”

It’s been a while since there’s been a 12-CARS only box – back to the Final Lap days?

The two “early” CARS.


Thanks for the nice pics, “Toomsterev.”

The 12-pack is listed as OS.

How many did you guys order? 🙂

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  • Rainman says:

    And just a heads up – It is BACK IN STOCK as of 11 AM EST Thursday

  • Rainman says:

    Just so that no one thinks that I received a better deal , That is one case of 9995 and one 9996 – The 2 first to market were NOT in the same case. I just snapped the 2 together after opening both.
    Some closing K-marts began their liquidation sales today – so check your local stores – you may get a much better deal on Saturday for the event if you hit the right stores – but call and check first.
    Just remember that when stores are in liquidation the normal rules are no returnsies. I’m not sure if this will affect the Shop Your Way awards promo for $10 back in points with $50 purchase or not.
    Going to try my luck today.
    Will update you guys and girls soon !

  • tzdtmm says:

    I would have thought each case had both exclusives in it, these pics are of three different cases I assume? Each containing just one random exclusive?

    -John V.

    • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

      Besides the fact that there is still a store in my locale, THAT was the very reason I stayed away from this promo. If Kmart wanted to get $60 of my money, they should’ve at least guaranteed that I would get BOTH first to market diecasts. I’m fine with a random assortment for the other 10 but give me the TWO that drew me in!

      Hopefully the Saturday event cases aren’t like these online orders and each case will have at least ONE each of Carlow and DePost!

      • Rainman says:

        No they are not – unless a store somehow gets an online 12pk case or 12pk cases by accident I have good info that these cases will be 24 packs and be full assortments but really think it will be just the 2 – 12 packs combined – so if you add them both together that is the case you SHOULD see on Saturday.

        Liquidation stores will get the $3.74 pricing for cars (25% off of the full $4.99) but there will be scanning issues between these, the old cards, new cards etc – so watch for NOF’s (Not On Files) because they will not scan the lower price because they were store added items and didn’t get included in clearance pricing uploads ( Look for the “A” after your items on receipt – to show advertised – Those without that will probably not be scanning correct price. Ran into this today – testing some items. I do not work for K-mart – I just know retail and have dealt with many liquidations first hand. Just remember – if you are at a closing store – they MUST fix it at the register BEFORE the sale is complete – no returns/refunds exchanges. Save yourself some headaches and question it if it doesn’t look right.

        • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

          Thanks very much for the helpful info! The toys associate i spoke to last week when i verified store participation did say the cases seemed “longer-like they would hold 20-24 cars”. At that time she said they only had 5-6 cases.

          Whether or not they received more or there is a huge fanbase out here remains to be seen. My store opens at 9 so I plan to arrive at about 845 and hope there won’t be a huge rush. This store isn’t closing so their CARS 3 diecasts are on sale at $4.49. (10% off regular)

          The other store out here-a closing store, closes next month and have been liquidating since late April so they won’t be participating. Not alot of Cars 3 in stock, save for a few playsets. Tons of 2016 2 packs and singles left though, mostly priced at about $2.50, as the store is running 50% off their toys selection.

    • Rainman says:

      John –

      Yes and no.

      Not Random if you get the 9995 coding you will get the exact assortment pictured with Ralph:
      (3) Cars 3 Lightning McQueen
      (1) Mater
      (1) Fillmore
      (1) Cruz Ramirez
      (1) Chick Hicks w/ Headset
      (1) Tim Treadless
      (1) Bobby Swift
      (1) Dud Throttleman
      (1) Rex Revler
      (1) Ralph Carlow

      and if you get 9996 coding you get the other assortment with Jack Pictured

      I think Met missed one of my photos of the box that matched up with second assortment Or I missed uploading it.

      So it is actually just 2 case assortments – one of the photos is just the same case rearranged – if that makes sense.

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