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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Kmart Collector CARS Event FAQ #3

You can find the last FAQ Update here.

The 12-pack has been revealed and as the old saying goes, when the going gets weird, the weird turns pro.

(thanks for the heads up, “Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad”)

On the surface, it seems to be a typical Piston Cup racers re-pack like from the past few years like this Mack box 11-pack.

But at least the contents were consistent with that set for each order – the description of THIS 12-pack sounds like someone in the warehouse will simply send you 12 CARS …

“Each bundle contains at least 1 Lightning McQueen, 1 Mater and 1 of the 2 early-release cars shown here (Lil’ Tourquey or Tow Cap) plus 9 additional assorted cars. Mixes may vary.”


So, you if you don’t live near a Kmart, here’s your online deal.

Who’s ordering one?

I should also point out this 12-pack should qualify you to order TWO Precision Series CARS 3 Lightning but the banner seems to indicate it only qualifies you for ONE. But I guess it saves you a drive to Kmart.

(Send in cardbacks, original receipt & $3.50 for each vehicle).

The rundown on the rules are HERE.

The Mattel site to fill out the form is HERE.

The Tow Cap photo in the description is the prototype with stickers (versus tampo decals on the final release).





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  • CarsFan70MI says:

    My case arrived today (6/13/17).

    MY case contents are as follows:

    (3) Cars 3 Lightning McQueen
    (1) Mater
    (1) Fillmore
    (1) Cruz Ramirez
    (1) Chick Hicks w/ Headset
    (1) Tim Treadless
    (1) Bobby Swift
    (1) Dud Throttleman
    (1) Rex Revler
    (1) Ralph Carlow

    I am curious what others are receiving and/or if we can keep track of it somewhere.

    Just curious is all.

    I did quite well with pricing, as I had $14.00 in reward cash (or whatever it is called) and chose FREE shipping (my package arrived 2 days later via UPS).

  • quercy says:

    Since the closest Kmart is more than an hour drive from here and do not have any guarantee they are participating and/or how many people will show up and how many cases they will share, I placed my order and bought a powerball ticket… will see which one make me a winner… the odds are about the same! 🙂

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