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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Target CASE E/M + Walmart Pallet Trays

Target is getting two special CASES, CASE F with the 3 Rust-eze Center Lightning McQueen (also available in the 5-pack).

Thanks for the nice pic, “John H.”

“Brian/Toomsterev” gives us the heads up on the entire case contents, CASE E – and a great pic of the entire case.

CASE E is Target’s Variant of Case A (with 2 Sarges) and the 3 exclusive McQueens.

Target is also getting a CASE M (nothing too unique – Variant of B).

Damien V. sends along pics of the new Walmart tray pallet. My WM just put up the trays.

Another repeat of CASE A?

Thanks “Brian/Toomsterev,” “Damien V.,” and “John H.”

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  • loics says:

    McQueen Rusteze single packaging is nice and distinctive. Otherwise so far cars3 diecast packaging has been disappointing.

    I’ve noticed the gold foil is sometimes already chipped in the box, beware!

  • quercy says:

    I don’t know really what is that case WM got because there were no, niet, nada, aucun, zero, Jackson Storm and I was probably the first one at my WM because all spots in the display were occupied !!! …. bizarre….

  • tzdtmm says:

    Love that gold foil on this McQueen, I think it looks great, they did a heck of a job on it.

    -John V.

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