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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Next Singles on the Pegs + Target Coupon

“New” singles are hitting the pegs at Target …

Previously in a 2-pack, Chester Whipplefilter … looks suspiciously familiar – wonder who it is?

Chick Hicks with Headset – also previously in a 2-pack.

New to singles, N20 Cola racer, Parker Brakeston.

Is Mood Springs/Dud Throttleman, regular Cruz Ramirez and Gask-its/Rex Revler out? (part of CASE B) Or retailers might be getting unique assortments (though Target tends to just get singles cases and not other configs).

MAY 2017 Buying Guide HERE.

Also Target Coupon – Get a $10 or $25 Gift Card  … now you can get the box sets.


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  • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

    Took a trip towards the Columbus, OH market to visit some extended family today. Walmarts and Targets there were both stocked with all these new releases but the Walmart there had the first Dr. Damage “deluxe” vehicle I’d seen in over a dozen different stores. The cardback doesn’t show any other newly released deluxe singles, nor did I see anything stocked other than the 4 initially released so presumably, he’s it-for now!

  • BMW says:

    Mood Springs/Dud Throttleman, regular Cruz Ramirez and Gask-its/Rex Revler PARKER BRAKESTON (#68 N20 Cola) are in the M cases at Target and the B cases at Walmart. Found these at both stores yesterday and today. Danny/Daniel card name variant in the M case.

  • loics says:

    Today we found N2O cola, gask its and mood springs at Walmart.

    Mood spring has a very special shape: his trunk is exceptionally narrow and there is a smooth recess in the doors. I wonder if other racers will share his form factor?

  • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

    Here in west-central Ohio, I was able to snag Dud, Rex, & Parker today at TRU. I also bought Natalie and Chick to take advantage of the 5/$15 deal. When I go back next week it will be to return my 2 pack of Natalie and Chick that I bought last month.

    Also available were the first CARS 3 singles appearance of Sally and Tex, as well as Chester and Cruz as mentioned above by MET. Does this about cover the contents of what was expected in this case or who is missing?

    FWIW I also hit 2/4 Targets in my area and saw only one Rex Revler/Gaskits between the two stores.

  • loics says:

    I found N2O Cola. On the back of the box they mention 4 racers i haven’t seen yet: Tow Cap, Mood Springs, Lil Torquey and Gask Its. Has anyone seen them apart from tztmm?

  • kppisani says:

    I found all of these singles in an endcap dump at Walmart in Portland, OR (except for the Target exclusive, of course). It was on the back end of the aisle, so I almost missed it.

  • tzdtmm says:

    This case does have Mood Springs/Dud Throttleman,and Gask-its/Rex Revler in it, try the new end caps at Targets, just found all of these, only one of each on the pegs, also found the Target exclusive Rust Eze Center Mcqueen (after buying this on ebay 3 days ago of course!)

    -John V.

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