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Amazon Cloud Drive is a Great Cloud Storage Option

To the average person user who might just have a few hundred GB’s to back up, there are lots of options that are free or low priced – for instance if you buy a Seagate HDD – it comes with a few hundred free GB Microsoft OneDrive Cloud.

And if you are a Prime Member, Amazon gives you unlimited photo uploads.

But for people who need TB’s backed up?  There are a lot of cloud drive options, there is generally two major sticking points, how much storage are you really going to need and whether that place is going to shut down.

Amazon has a great option. For $59 dollars a year, you get UNLIMITED storage backup and their unlimited is not like  the mobile telcos with their limited unlimited. It’s really unlimited.

I have thousands of video files, what’s great is that I can view EVERY file inline so it’s also a video viewer (along with music, photos and regular doc viewing). You can even email a link to others! Clearly you probably want to only watch via wifi but basically when you are on the road, you can access your film library anywhere!

I’ve just passed 3 TB of uploads AND of course, the other problem is there are only a few companies you can trust are not going to shut down. There’s no point in spending all the time uploading when they might shut down in a few months.

AND no ads so unlike others who offer to sell you a lot of storage, Amazon is not going through your files to sell you ads like Google.

They also have apps for Macs/PC and iPhone/Android for viewing & uploading (plus viewing/uploading through a web browser).

You even get 3 months free to test it out.

Amazon Drive.

Or if you want something more straightforward, you can buy this, files you drag onto it are auto backed up in the AmazonDrive cloud (ONLY for new AmazonDrive customers).

Seagate Duet Cloud-Syncing Portable External Hard Drive 1TB + 1-Year Unlimited Amazon Drive Plan

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