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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Toys R Us $1 Dollar Sale

It’s been YEARS since we’ve had a sale this nice. Buy $10 worth of CARS product, then your mainline singles are $1 at TRU.

tru sign

Okay, your singles selection is probably not great and I believe RS Classics nor Toons/Expanded Universe singles are not included but still nice.

And hopefully this means they are clearing the decks for a nice Fall/Christmas reset-restock.

Thanks for the heads up, “Mike I.”

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  • cootiebell says:

    There was a huge catch. You had to purchase a playset and a car totaling at least $10 to qualify for ONE SINGLE $1 car (priced at $4.49 – so it automatically excluded the carbon racers, etc) purchase. The cheapest playsets were the story sets @ $14.99 + 4.49 car = $19.48+ tax to purchase an additional (old stock) car for $1. I was hoping it was $1/each for as many cars as you like after hitting the playset and car $10 minimum, but sadly, not so much.

    (MET: Yea, sounds like a lot of work to save $3 … and not exactly new stock … thanks).

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