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Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (3D Blu Ray) + Everything LOTR & Hobbit

The 3D Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Blu Ray +DVD + Digital Copy is coming September 13.


  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall
    • The Making of Captain America: Civil War Part 1 (21:26) & Part 2 (22:18) – As the tension mounts, sides are chosen and lines drawn. Learn more about the characters on each side—from Captain America and Iron Man to the latest recruits. In this complete behind-the-scenes look at a landmark in the Marvel saga, we’ll examine their stories through exclusive footage and interviews and discover just what went into selecting the Super Hero teams, filming the epic action sequences and introducing Black Panther and Spider-Man to the MCU.
  • Captain America: The Road to Civil War (3:58)
    • Explore the First Avenger’s fascinating evolution from loyal soldier to seasoned, conflicted hero who questions authority.
  • Iron Man: The Road to Civil War (4:12)
    • From Gulmira to Sokovia, delve into the development and evolution of one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Gag Reel (2:43)
    • Break the tension of this high-stakes conflict with some hilarious outtakes featuring the lighter side of your favorite Super Heroes.
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
    • Check out never-before-seen footage that didn’t make the final cut of Captain America: Civil War:
      • Extended Peggy’s Funeral (5:39)
      • Zemo Meets Doctor Broussard (:30)
      • ‘You are not used to the truth’ (:47)
      • ‘Gotta get me one of those’ (:25)
  • Audio Commentary
    • Directors Anthony and Joe Russo and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely deliver scene-by-scene insight and explain the storytelling challenges they faced creating the third installment of the Captain America franchise.
  • Open Your Mind: Marvel’s Doctor Strange
    • Exclusive Sneak Peek (3:49) – Go behind and beyond the scenes as Doctor Strange makes his journey to the big screen.


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Or if you have $720 & 30-discs of time to watch ALL the extended LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT trilogies …

The Limited Collector’s Edition includes 30 discs featuring all six Middle-earth films in their extended edition forms, housed in six stunning faux leather books and a collectible Hobbit-style wood shelf. The one-of-a-kind wood .shelf is crafted from solid wood with design selected by Peter Jackson.

– In addition to the extended edition release of every film, the collection also includes all previously released bonus content from both the theatrical and extended editions.
– Exclusive premiums designed for the collection include: · Spectacular 100-page sketch-style book with replica The Red Book of Westmarch, filled with original film sketches and new artwork · Original reproductions of exquisite watercolor paintings by acclaimed conceptual artists Alan Lee and John Howe, framable and wall-ready.

LOTR Hobbit Bu Ray


Or if you just want the discs – you can get the Extended Edition LOTR Trilogy for about $55 plus the Hobbit Trilogy Extended Edition (@$65).

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23 August 2016 Disney, Disney Marvel One Comment

One Comment

  • CabbieMattel says:

    Man, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are my favourite movies of all time! If it was so expensive I would buy them, but I can’t sadly 🙁

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