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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Target & CARS Diecasts August, 2016

Thanks, “John H.” for the photos and heads up.

So, is Target End-of-Life-ing the CARS 1:55 line?*  One clue is the change to a non-$.09 pricing. Any other price “ending number” is a clue. Target has a quasi secret code – if it ends in $.06 or $.08, there will be more markdowns. If it ends in $.04, it’s the final markdown – $.07 just means it’s a markdown as they might just be trying to wind down the stock on hand without deleting the DPCI/UPC. Target is much quicker to pull the clearance tool-gun than the other big retailers so as we all know, in most stores, some to many CARS diecast stock might be from 2015 and since Target/Mattel did not change the SKU/DPCI from the theme series of 2014, it might look like it’s just time to clearance the stock in that store and when stock #’s drop further, they might actually re-order. (This is the current DPCI – CARS 3 diecast singles will get a new DPCI).

So, until we see an EOL designation, we should continue to see CARS diecast singles at Target.


The change in price of $.08 and the drop of 50% or more for the 2-packs clearly indicates it’s being cleared out. But again, it might just be this store unless others start reporting in.


Thanks for the photos and heads up, “John H.”

*Technically, Target uses the NCF designation – Not Carry Forward for discontinued items.

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  • Refriedbeans says:

    The Cars at my Target also disappeared on Monday but have since returned to the shelf.

  • collectormom says:

    Target in Fayetteville, NC had no Cars Diecasts on Sunday when we were there. The store had clearanced out a bunch of toys and moved them all to a new aisle but there were no Cars to be found.

    (MET: My Target re-did the floors and are moving aisles around. They even closed the Starbucks for 3-weeks, I’m surprised people didn’t riot. 🙂 ).

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