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Hollar – $5 Digital Disney Movies & Mattel Disney PLANES Diecasts

There’s a new “bargain hunters” website called HOLLAR.com (our link).

They have digital Disney-Pixar movies for $5 including Star Wars-Force Awakens, both Planes movies, Frozen and more Pixar movies. The Disney Anywhere digital ones are pretty great as you can stream them anytime on your IOS device or with a web browser – without having to download them on your device (you can if you want to).


While they don’t have a lot of brand name toys (no CARS), they do have some PLANES including the hard to find Dynamite diecast for $4. Sign up for their emails and you get free shipping on your first order or if you hit $25, you get it anyway.


They also have other toys. Like a Gustav Klimt finger puppet -hurry!


They also have a bunch of clothes/apparel for $5 which is $4 more than I usually pay so …

Happy shopping! 

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