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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Sheriff & Mater

Thanks for the heads up, “John H.”

In addition to the two more playsets coming Luigi’s Della Casa Tires and Mater’s Tow Yard, there are more singles for Wave 2 including Precision Series Sheriff & Precision Series Mater.

Listed but not yet available.

Besides the open hood feature, does the red light on his roof actually light up?

sheriff precison single

Engine looks great.

sheriff hood open

Too bad the antenna are plastic and not wire. That would have been cool and no curb feelers.
Sheriff back open

Precision Series Single Mater – different than the Precision Series Mater included in the Mater Tow Yard playset.

The tow hook does look functional and from that extra slot, it looks like the boom moves up & down – that might be the only feature on this Precision Series diecast?  (I’m guessing rubber tires are standard on this series).

Precision Single mater

The Tow Yard Mater vehicle has a working tow light, headlight and PVC tires.

Precision Mater

Precision Series Sheriff & Precision Series Mater are listed but not yet available to order.

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