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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini to the Max 3-Pack

One of the hardest to find diecast “Mini” along with Van (and Purple Ramone) is listed as a TRU Radiator Springs Classic 3-pack …

mini van

Purple Ramone will probably have a flat windshield so he will be a variant (presumably).

I think all these other 3-packs are out? I’m not sure if I’ve seen the Cruisin’ LM 3-pack but I know the other two are out.

RA 3 packs

Radiator Springs Classic has a new look – it looks great. This post covered the list of RS Classics singles listed for 2016. We haven’t seen any “new” (re-releases) but now with a new card design, we should start seeing them soon. There are a couple notable singles on the list that haven’t been released in a while.

Bug Mouth RS Classic

Thanks for the new RS Classic singles card photo, “John H.”

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  • Jinzo says:

    Really wish the release more of the Hard to find ones. From the FInal Lap, I’m still missing Blowing Bubbles Mater. And no, the lenticular ones doesn’t count. Isn’t Derek Decals Dobbs coming out in a three pack Radiator Springs? Pretty sure it was. Can’t wait to get another Derek Decals Dobbs 😀

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