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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS; Walmart Easter Pallet Drop

More CARS are coming to Walmart via an Easter pallet drop or endcap (hard to tell if this was once a pallet drop or just endcap trays).

Thanks for the heads up and photos, “Michael NV.”

WM Easter

Also the arrival of Otto Bonn.
otto bonn

One more crew chief!


Open Pics of Otto

Thanks “Michael NV!”

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  • sloths14 says:

    Visited the Tewksbury MA Walmart. Lots of Easter bins, tons of Cars, Car Toons. Only found one I needed Bucky Brakedust. Did find a ton of (new package) Otis-of course right after I had broke down before Christmas and shelled out around $20 for him so my son could get him.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Been finding TF McQueens in these.

    • John in Missouri says:


      • tzdtmm says:

        The only cars I found of any interest were Haiki, Otto Bonn, Tomber, Claude Scruggs, I didn’t see Transforming McQueen in this bin. But somebody could have beat me to it also, of course.


        • tzdtmm says:

          Went to a different Walmart and found Transforming McQueen in the Easter bin, so you were right. One Walmart had no Easter bins, but actually found Brake Boyd, Fred, and the single Autobahn Society grey car on the pegs, I couldn’t believe it.

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