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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series at TRU & Amazon

Thanks “SpyGuy,” it looks like TRU will be carrying the Precision Series diecast singles in stores though in this region, they are only getting on average 1 case per store – though in larger stores, they might get 2-3 cases and some smaller stores might not get any. And of course, the 3 singles are most likely not evenly packed – mostly like there’s 3 Lightning McQueen’s?


Thanks “SpyGuy.”

“John H.” also sends his pics of his order from Amazon – not really well packed, openers won’t care much as there’s an acrylic box inside but MIBers might not like it as much … though Amazon shipping is all over the board, I’ve gotten items sloshing around a giant box and other times, they are mint.





Open singles PICS HERE.

So, they are $10.99 at TRU and $11.99 at Amazon.

Let us know if you spot them at Target or Walmart.

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  • John says:

    I don’t think Amazon packing was to blame for the condition of these boxes. I think they were damaged at the factory when Mattel packed the case.

  • rjrusk says:

    Whenever I order from Amazon, I’m assuming the cards will be bent and the blisters will be dented…and they’ve yet to disappoint. I only go there as a last resort or if they’re offering blowout prices.

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