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National Toy Hall of Fame New Nominees 2015

The new nominees for the Toy Hall for 2015 are in …


Can you guess the three choices?

The Puppet

The Super Soaker and


You can read more at the National Toy Museum – they actually canceled Twister (too racy said Sears Roebuck!) but Johnny Carson & Eva Gabor played it on his show and people loved it!

The full list of winners in the HOF including cardboard box & stick.

They don’t seem to have any Disney Pixar CARS in their collection. 🙁


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17 November 2015 Toys 4 Comments


  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Matchbox pre-dates Hot Wheels by nearly two decades, 1953 for Lesney Products. Matchbox’s co-owner was Jack Odell, who when Matchbox was first bought out in the late 1970’s formed his firm Lledo (Odell spelled backwards). Lledo later failed in the late 1980’s, and Corgi bought them out, though eventually Mattel ended up owning all the brands of Matchbox, Corgi, Lledo, et. al.

  • kfalcon77 says:

    I noticed Hot Wheels were inducted but didn’t Matchbox make it to market a year before hotwheels? Im not certain, don’t feel like looking it up but nonetheless, Matchbox belongs if Hotwheels does. maybe even Hot Wheels/Matchbox since they are essentially the same toy but deserve their own recognition. I see Shogun Warrior and Godzilla or the model be it snap together or glue on the horizon.

    (MET: I think Matchbox was in the running this year but didn’t make it – I’m sure Mattel was more interested in pushing HW in – less so with Matchbox … I’m sure it’ll eventually get in).

  • collectormom says:

    We would go to the Museum of Play about once a month when we were stationed at Fort Drum, NY. Always a good time. And there was a Lego store and LL Bean nearby, fun for the whole family!

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