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Mattel Disney Planes: Calling In the Air Boss of Pitty’s, Roybal

Thanks for the heads up and pics, “Danrio.”

Roybal … I have about 372 writer-puns with his name and all the navy-airman puns but I successfully resisted because I thought of the kids …


What a smug smile.


Landing Signal Officer.


Sweet. Dialed in.

Also Bessie Flywell on the right card but the wrong name.

bessie roybal

(and there seems to be a Jigsaw #29 & a Jigsaw #36 – the jig is up).

Thanks for the great pics and heads up, “Danrio.”

Maybe it’s time to reconsider the Flysenhower – does anyone have it – in scale?


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  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Now we can hope for the rest of the flight deck pitties!

  • 79nitroade30 says:

    I got my Flysenhower so long ago, its crazy to see how high of a price its going for now. Def could be twice as big, esp if they are going to be making all these cool diecasts to go on it! Mine is crowded but I got both Jigsaws on it, Delta, Echo, Bravo, LSO, Hector Vector, Falco, and Jolly Wrenches Dusty and its doing ok for now…maybe one more. haha

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