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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Banshee That Never Was …

Martin A. has dug through his photo portfolio and sends along a fun look at a prototype that never saw the light of day as a release.

It was a Banshee for the 1:55 series.

banshee pro

Why is it green? Well, the screenshot sent by Pixar was green-tinted.


When they showed it to John Lasseter, he pointed out the Banshee is yellow under the glow of the blue ghostlight … d’oh! But no surprise, he signed off on it.


I think we could’ve lived if it was green.

banshee back

Ultimately, the bean counters decided a Mini Adventures one that ate “Mini’s” made more sense … well, to bean pushers.

banshee top

The hole at top is for the scoop/crane – not photographed. 

banshee spikes

Of course, maybe the spikey tires might not have passed safety for kids (the Mini Adventures one has “regular” tire treads). It would’ve been pretty cool.

banshee under

Thanks for the peak into CARS history, “Martin A!”

The Banshee as released. 

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