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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Neon Racers 2015 at Kmart

In a surprise, Neon Racers on new cards have arrived at Kmart.

(Thanks “John H.” and “Mariela P.” for the heads up and photos).

Neon Racers have returned – surprise! to Kmart! The original releases were Target exclusives – these are not marked exclusives but the racers race series’ seem to be musical-chairs split among the retailers? (Kmart to Walmart with the silver racers – Target to TRU & Amazon with Ice Racers and now Neon Racers from Target to Kmart only?)

The update cards are nice – well, the APP snipe is not the most attractive addition.


The open photos are HERE.

neon lightning

The Neon Racer series is still missing: Jeff Gorvette, Francesco Bernoulli, & Carla Veloso – no sign if they are coming or not. There have NEVER been listed as part of the releases (Shu has had an international card release but in the US, only in the 4-pack). While these are re-listed with new 2015 product codes & updated UPC’s, Jeff, Francesco and Carla are still NOT listed – no product codes and no UPC’s. The 4-pack is re-listed with a new product code (CBG08) so we can expect to see it soon. It’s unknown if Rip Clutchgoneski is even in the works.neon back

John H. notes the interesting blurb on the back – that the Neon Race is hosted by Shu Todoroki under the new banner of Transcontinental Race of Champions race series … so the Silver Deco race seems to been held at Radiator Springs … and presuming Vitaly Petrov hosted the Ice Race at Russia …

The mystery “Night Race Series,” falling under the Transcontinental Race of Champions banner seems to be next – who hosted that race?

That would be the 4th of this hosted series – leaving us another 6 re-paint racer series (7 if you count Rip, 8 if you count Frosty hosting one).

So, what other paint schemes are left? If we presume the color metallic series was hosted by one of the racers released – what other themes/colors/paint motifs can we expect?



Thanks for the pics, “John H.” and “Mariela P.”

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  • BuddhaMike says:

    This whole thing wouldn’t be nearly as frustrating if Mattel would just complete each series. I’ve finally completed the Ice Racers series to go with the standard WGP cars. 11 total, not counting alternates like Vitaly. I’m sticking with the original 11 characters for each series. I’m fine with the Gold Metallic Deco “Rip” to close out the ‘originally-exclusive’ K-Mart silver cars. Hopefully they’ll give us the last four for the Neon series.

    But what about Toys R Us and the Metallic series? Five cars? Sure, we might see Raoul by the end of the year in the U.S. Then what? Am I the only one irked by this? If not, follow the link to sign a petition I’ve created. If we get enough signatures, maybe MET can force their hand a bit? 😉


  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Let’s see:

    Shu hosted Tokyo “Neon” race.
    Vitaly hosted Russian “Ice” race.
    LMQ hosted RS “Silver” race.

    Maybe Carla can host an Amazonian “jungle” race (camouflaged cars?), Nigel and Lewis can host a sedate “tea time” race (formal wear only), and Miguel and Memo can host a Siesta race (blankies). That still leaves Raoul to do a protest race with tractors (typical protest signs), Max can do a “my engineering is better than your engineering” trade show display, and Francesco can do a wine and pizza party afterwards.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Walmart also got the Ice Racers.

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