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Disney Pixar CARS: Display Your Diecast CARS

Here are a couple ideas on displaying your CARS …

From CountryLiving.


(I think these are Disney 1:43 CARS?)

And you will always know when your Apple CAR is missing. 🙂

And I think you can do an entire wall of Lightning McQueen’s.

From LandofNod.



Good luck.

Though clearly, it’s time to upgrade the size of the table for this ONE.

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28 August 2015 Disney Pixar CARS 3 Comments


  • Dunroamin says:

    I actually bought the show racks to make that rack. You really need to place 3 pieces deep for mode cars. I also think you need to remove a couple horizontals to make it worth while due to all the different heights of the cars..
    haven’t completed the rack yet..

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I wouldn’t trust either of those displays with cats or kids around.

    My solution was a set of used “drafting file drawers” that stack. Two five-drawer units (ten drawers), each roughly 32″ wide, 24″ front-to-rear, and just under 2″ deep. Started filling the top drawer with LMQ and Mater, and progressed down through the drawers in sequential order as characters are seen in the films. The top displays are ‘Flo’s’ and ‘Casa della Tires’, which can be moved aside for shooting pics.

  • John says:

    They must not have earthquakes in the country.

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