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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS & PLANES: On the Pegs

New product is actually arriving and being pegged and shelved!

“Lane Change” spotted the arrival of the 2-pack single Nat McLugnut & Michael Honksel Pitty‘s.


And the “repaint” Scott Spark.

svott spark


Carl P. notes that the latest PLANES Deluxe releases sport the new cards.


new cards

And if you want the Ramone House of Art Color Changers, it’s been re-released. It comes with a color changer Ramone. This Ramone seems to change different colors than the single Ramone – if that matters to you.

ramone color

Thanks “Carl P.” and “Lane Change.”


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  • COLE6969 says:

    Saw these at WAL-MART in Henderson KY on Sunday, there was a pallet display with lots of singles, ice racers, and others

  • danrio says:

    The mainline singles pegs at our local Target have been absolutely bare for probably over 4 weeks now.

    There was even a 3 week period when all the empty pegs had placards with a $3.59 “sale” price, but no merchandise ever appeared during that time. Mainline singles are now back to the old $3.99 price (but still no merchandise). Answers to the question “Why?” range from new mods (done a couple of weeks ago) to sometimes when a product isn’t selling well, it doesn’t get ordered (DUH?!)to warehouse issues which, I suppose, could have its own subset of possibilities.

    Planes appear to be somewhat stagnant.

    I check my closest store several time a week, but occasional visits to any of 4 outlying stores seem to tell about the same story.

    Walmart is only slightly better, although I haven’t seen any Deluxe or Oversized (as they are sometimes called) at Target or Walmart in several weeks. Frank was visible early last month.

    Toys R Us seems to be in the dark ages.

    Maybe Mattel has killed “Cars” in the Sacramnto area but never announced the funeral.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    I have been fortunate enough to find everything the last few months. I have all the latest clown cars plus every over sized and reg release.

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