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Disney Pixar Short LAVA – Free to View for 2 Weeks

The Pixar short LAVA, will be available to watch exclusively FREE on digital on the Disney Movies Anywhere app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, for a limited two week window starting July 30th (7/30/15 – 8/12/15).

Preview Trailer

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31 July 2015 Disney Pixar 4 Comments


  • jake18hunter says:

    I have a Dream, That I hope will come true, For you not to watch Me.

  • quercy says:

    And when “Protect and Serve” will be available exactly?… Cannot wait anymore…

  • Momoe says:

    It’s kinda hokey in some ways but reading the Pixar Wiki article might help to understand the numerous inspirations and motivations of the filmmaker to produce the music and film

  • picketoybuyer says:

    IMHO- Please no one take this personally. In all the years I’ve been growing up on Disney and Pixar, 36 to be exact, and the love I have for the man, Walt, and his company, this is the first time I ever watched something from them and scratched my head and said, “wow, that was bad.” I truly just did not understand this short, at all.

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