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Disney Pixar Cars Daredevil Garage IOS App

The Disney Pixar Cars Daredevil Garage IOS App is out. It’s free.

Mostly it’s a racing and stunts game – it’s aimed at smaller tykes.



It is a mini database of CARS diecast and it seems the reason Disney wanted the themes was to group the CARS.


You’re supposed to scan in your vehicle though I think it only works with current releases? Let us know how your scanning goes.


One fun thing was I uncovered this CAR – named Beep Beep – if you uncover the other Circus CARS, let us know their names.

beep beep



Thanks for the heads up the app is out, thanks, “John H.”

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  • anonymousperson says:

    The scanning doesn’t work too well-it doesn’t recognize some cars, like Red, or it gets cars that don’t even look like th eons you are scanning, like DJ on Sheriff. The circus cars are:
    Pick-up Truck—Rimso
    Pitty—Beep Beep
    The Cab is not on the game, and these cars can be unlocked by gaining enough stars in the beginning to unlock them randomly. The Mattel diecast versions of these are the 2015 Super Chase cars.

    (MET: Cool – thanks!)

  • quercy says:

    At least the digital version is guaranteed to be “Mint” condition 🙂

  • John says:

    When you can’t find the diecast in your local store you can pay almost as much (in app) for a digital version of it. Collect them all.

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