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Disneyland Japan Randoseru Backpacks

In Japan, schoolkids generally carry a set design backpack called a Randoseru … Disney is offering up some fun ones at Japan Disneyland – like many exclusive items available at our Disneyland-World, you can order by phone but only ships within Japan. (Tokyo Disney Resort goods guest services TEL 047-381-3499)




You can check out more photos HERE.

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29 July 2015 Disney One Comment

One Comment

  • pwschuh says:

    Note that these backpacks, while very well made, are generally quite expensive. At least several hundred dollars. Of note, the son of a friend of mine who recently entered school in Japan was issued one of these backpacks by the local school board and his had a Lightning McQueen imprint stamped into the black leather on either side of the backpack.

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