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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Silver Racers Return to the US

The Silver Racers (formerly a Kmart CARS Day exclusive) have returned to the US with a new packaging look.

Thanks “Christine L.” for the heads up & photos.

I’m presuming they look the same as the previous releases. While the CARS 2 WGP racers were first released with segmented faces, by the time these silver “repaints” were released, the racers were all unibodies as these are (except for Raoul Caroule) who seems to have stayed segmented.


11 of the 12 WGP racers were released in silver, only Rip is missing in action. There is also a Frosty silver metallic (not released in the US).

silver LM

However, in the US Jeff Gorvette was released without the Corvette tampo decal on his hood that was fixed in the Australian release of Jeff Gorvette. I don’t see Jeff Gorvette in the photo from Christine so it might be re-released yet? If so, for completist, they have presumably fixed in this US release so you might want one more to have the corrected variant.


Reported at Walmart’s only so a re-exclusive?

Thanks “Christine L.” for the heads up & photos.

Not online at Walmart.com but you can get the Mater Tokyo Pitty 2-pack.


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