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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Metallic Deco Frosty in Australia

Frosty 2.0 has landed in Australia. Metallic Deco Frosty – Mark Winterbottom, a race driver in Australia has his second release.

He was officially available at Target Stores, Australia yesterday or earlier depending on which side of the int’l dateline you are standing in.

Thanks for the nice on-card photos, “Jeaks.”


Unlike last time there is nothing to indicate he is a CHASE – but it’s unknown how many were produced – last time, as an ULTIMATE CHASE, there were only about @4,000 available – this time? Keep in mind there are only about 300 Target Australia stores so the quantity available is probably not much higher. But if you count this as a regular CHASE, perhaps 15,000 produced (the “normal” production number to go into cases), that would mean about 625 cases (since there’s only Metallic Frosty in it) – which would mean about 2 cases per store – seems reasonable? But it might be lower – maybe around 10,500? So about 450 cases – some stores getting 1, some getting 2? I guess we’ll get a better sense once the stock situation is known at retail. Plus Mark Winterbottom does a lot of promotions so maybe this time while Target gets around 450 cases, 50 are going to his promotional events? Nothing seems scheduled but it’s a possibility.

Since it’s just a silver chrome repaint – even the decals are carried over from 2012, any number is plausible.


So, it might be a CHASE quantity – just not labeled as such.

It is NOT listed as a 2014 US single. So, it seems unlikely we will get it as a single. Beyond that, no one can say 100% for certain but the odds are remote we’ll get a US singles release (for now).

“OzzieMum” sends along photos of the poster giveaway – the diecast is like the US except Frosty replaces Mater on the top. The US poster (Kmart Ivan promo giveaway) is blank on the back. The Australian version contains the callout to the event as part of additional poster art.

poster offer

So, if you’re in Australia – happy shopping! Good luck!

RSN back

So, how many of these diecasts actually made it to Australia? All?

Aus Poster

Thanks for the heads up, info & photos, “Jeaks,” and “OzzieMum.”


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  • Zee Kay says:

    We found some at a recently opened Target in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. In regard to how many of the Cars 2013 characters made it to the shelf in Australia – not all! I don’t think any two packs were ever released here. Of the Maters series, I only ever found Race Team Mater and Kabuki Mater. I also never found Francesca (Chase) though last week I was happy to find Ruka (Chase) and Ichigo (Chase) on our stop to a third Target! I wonder if the Super Chases Hiroaki, Takeshi and Yukio were released in Australia? Probably not! Next on my list are the Kmart mail-ins! Will have to search on eBay!

  • aussieboys says:

    We did some chasing around Brisbane without success , some stores are holding them until 14/11 (Target Toy Sale) and some dont even know about it ?? / really wish they’d have an event like U.S stores do.One store manager took pity on us and said if there are any left after 2 hrs he’d put one/two aside.
    He said that somehow cars had leaked out into the market in West Australia and as a result there was an embargo as they didn’t want a repeat of last years online fiasco where one person in Brisbane bought 200 of last years super chase ones. Cross fingers we’ll get a call next week.

  • nlg510 says:

    If Frosty is a SUPERCHASE here, does that make Jeff a SUPERCHASE in Australia?

  • OzzieMum says:

    I called up a store who had them & was told it is one per person & they would keep one aside for me (which I collected), however if you are lucky enough to see them on pegs or have a good relationship with the Toy/Store manager you might have better luck. All the other stores I’ve called are saying they don’t have them yet , but come Thursday they are in the toy catalogue so they’ll be on show very soon!!

  • brianmc4745 says:

    This doesnt have to do with this post but I was at kroger today and found the new holiday series with lenticular eyes. I found green ramone, white wall mcqueen, Leakless, doc the hudson hornet, RPM, and nitroade. Pretty cool find I thought.

  • Mariela says:

    Is it one per person??? That’s what a friend told me..

  • LUCA says:

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed …….

  • NascarFan says:

    I should have had you get me one or two of each Andrew. Oh well. Thanks for what you did send.

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