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Mattel Disney Planes: Muir the Train Transporter

Thanks “John H” for the nice and complete pics.


John H. notes that the logo simply says PLANES.


Train looks nice – although all plastic.


The back could use a little more detailing.




John notes:

on locomotive only pilot axle and rear driver roll (middle two drivers are dummies)

on coach only outer axles roll, inners are dummy

trucks don’t pivot

gauge at pilot axle = 23/16″

gauge at rear driver = 24/16″

gauge at coach (both trucks) = 22/16″




Side where door doesn’t open.


Open door side.


Though from the proto, we lost the ramp.




In theory, you can add more trailers …





Roomy – though nothing to hold anything in place.


Good size – scale.



Box of the back features never before named/seen – Ted Yale … I believe listed as “luggage truck” under Deluxe.


This Conductor Pitty would be cool also.



Unlike Stephenson which was a little too narrow and too short.



Thanks for the great pics, “John H.”

Available at Amazon only so far (let us know if you spot it at retail).

The Disney Store looks about the same size and is diecast – on sale this week for $9.99. Not sure if it can couple with the Mattel back end?

The Disney Store Muir the Train



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8 June 2015 Disney Planes, Mattel Disney Planes 10 Comments


  • bhutsell says:

    Muir is available as the lightning deal on Amazon – $6.22, but only 4 hours left, was just now 75% claimed – but now it is 100% with a waitlist. Can’t link, sorry.

  • 79nitroade30 says:

    There’s really no way to pull out the coupler at back end to hook up another passenger car?! I bought two sets and they arrive today so that i could have two cars and look more like a train set.
    Nonetheless, I am very excited for this and cool we are gettin Ted Yale, thats a surpirse! He’s in the book Meet the Planes!!!

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Track gauged at 20/16″ (1 -1/4″ or one and a quarter inches) would be “O” Gauge like Lionel uses — so they got close — but to be truly accurate a standard gauge train in 1:55 would run on track just under 1 – 1/32″ wide. “S” Scale trains use 7/8″ track, HO is 16.5mm; and G Scale uses 45mm.

    (And I’ll save the really detailed explanations of scale versus gauge, like 1:20.3 scale on 45mm track or On30 which uses 1:48 trains on 16.5mm track…)

  • John says:

    One clarification.
    Coupling on more coaches would require fairly major modifications. Mattel could easily have made the rear hook (coupler) functional and sold more train sets, but the coupler is buried in the body and can’t be used as is.

    • MackDaddy says:

      Hi John, Is the ramp really missing or did you fail to show it displayed? Please let us know. Thanks for the great pics!

      • John says:

        There really is no ramp, I just double checked the model. Notice in the screencap above of the conductor pitty; the Fueselodge Train Station appears to have high platform loading as you’d find in a modern light rail or interurban commuter station. (note the rubber bump yellow paving at the platform edge) This paving change is to assist handicapped humans, not too sure in a Planes world we’d really see this detail.

        Although Disney Store and Mattel both missed in not including a tender for the steam locomotive, the “real” passenger coaches would not have had loading ramps since the stations would be so equipped.

        • MackDaddy says:

          Thanks. In the description it still claims that a ramp can be pulled out for easy loading of passengers. I guess Mattel chose not to include that detail. Thanks again for the update and all the excellent pics you provide to TFAD! I look forward to your future pics! You’ve amassed quite an impressive collection!

        • MackDaddy says:

          Thanks for the update! Got mine today. If you remove the cardboard display inside, fold the two tabs on the top and hook them on the edge, you will have an instant green ramp! Viola! (take the little screw on the rear coupler out and it will extend)

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