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Disney Pixar CARS: Star Wars CAR WARS 2015 Series 3

During the Star Wars Celebration weekend, they revealed most of the CAR WARS CARS for 2015, the 3rd series (and apparently the last series).

Lightning McQueen as Jedi Luke Skywalker

Dark Jedi LM

Sarge as Emperor Palpatine + Cone Droid

Sarge Emperor

Ewok Pitty’s – Wicket & Logray (Shaman Ewok)

Ewok Pitty's

Tractor as Royal Guard

tractor Emperor Guard

Deluxe Box Sets

Lightning McQueen as X-Wing Jedi Luke Skywalker

LM Jedi Luke Skywalker

King as Lando with Ramone in Carbonite + Guard Pitty.

King Lando ramone in carbonite

Plus a mystery reveal at Star Wars Weekends starting May 15th through June 14th.


JestrJef says he’ll be able to help out for those interested. After the first weekend, the Theme Park Group might be able to sell & do fulfillment (not Disney Stores).

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  • biglou75 says:

    Anybody know the SKU numbers for these? I plan on calling the Disney parks merchandise guest services to order these.

  • MULTIPLAT says:

    Bonjour Jestrjef

    Pouvez vous s’il vous plait faire un envois vers la France ? pour une serie complete

  • cateyez15 says:

    I know there are mixed feelings about the Star Wars versions of Cars characters which is great for me cause that kinda means there will be a better chance to get a set! Sign me up on your list JestrJef!!

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I bought a Darth Mater because, yanno, it’s a cute pun and all. The rest of these are avoidable as merely a marketing gimmick. Worst of all is Sarge as Palpatine — ‘Cars’ just doesn’t have any character evil enough to fulfill the Palpatine role — even Professor Z or Miles Axlerod isn’t that evil.

  • waldo68 says:

    The carded ones have been on eBay for a little while now (back door) for those who can’t wait. Sarge does not have a cone droid though. Haven’t seen the boxed ones yet.

  • jestrjef says:

    Hello ladies and gentlecars. I will be trying to help with these again this time around. I must say this years selection looks AWESOME! I am still trying to organize things but will be making a post soon. From what I have read there appears to he 5 on cards and 3 possible boxes, one of which is a mystery release. No idea if any of these are limited release, like the sand troopers from last year … the folks would only let you have 1 per person in your party per day. It made for a long day and multiple trips through the line. Keep your eyes peeled for more info!!

    (MET: Thanks JestrJef!)

  • MoMcQueen says:

    Exciting! How do we get in touch with JestrJef again? He helped me out with these the first time around and I was very grateful for that….. (and I think Sarge with lightning bolt boogers is hilarious.)

  • kfalcon77 says:

    I have the first set but missed the 2nd, I really want this set, love the Tractor/Royal Guard!!
    Will we get an alert if we do need help getting these?

  • bobbyjack says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get this year’s set!

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