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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: New Launcher Track Set

Coming soon … Piston Cup Speedway Track Set

“Piston Cup Speedway capitalizes on everything boys love about the race, from the high-speed cars to the crashing to the iconic Piston Cup itself! Use the launcher to send multiple cars racing around the figure eight track – just like they do in the movie! As the cars zip around the track they cause the disc at the top to spin around, which will lead to different outcomes at the end of the race. Watch out for pileups in the center crash zone! When you think you have what it takes to win the Piston Cup, switch the diverter and launch Lightning McQueen out towards the winner’s circle. Timing is everything: time it wrong and you go flying out of the set; time it right and he’ll hit the winner’s circle, which transforms the set into a giant Piston Cup with the winner at the top! This is a huge transformational moment that will excite fans of the film and showcase the glory of racing. The Piston Cup can be removed and used as a display for your winning vehicle as well. Connects to other playsets in the Story Sets line.”


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