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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Singles & Deluxe Higher Res Look, Part 4

No PDF version but a high res version of the poster was forwarded so here’s a better look at the NEW or “new” singles & deluxe diecast CARS coming in 2015.

95 Pit Crew Theme

Fabulous Hudson Hornet on Pit Stand (it’ll be cool to make that TV monitor a real working video screen!)

FHH Pit stand

Hydraulic Lightning Ramone (in 2-pack with Waitress Flo).hydraulic Lightning ramone

Mater with Signmater sign


Pit Crew Member Mack

PCM mack

95 Pit Crew Theme

Mater with Allinol Cans & Pitty’s Edamame Tsashimi & Daisu Tsashimi

mater & tsashimi

mater tokyo


Mike Fusemike fuse

Miles Axelrod with Microphonemiles with mic

Terry Gong

terry gong

Part 3 HERE.

More tomorrow.

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  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I just received my Chinese back-door model of Terry Gong today. He’s the typical body molding as the other pitties shown here, the same pinkish Hachimaki (headband), and an even more “dim bulb” facial expression than as seen on the floor mopping pitty. The gong assembly is all plastic, as one might expect: hard plastic for the base, post, and gong; and soft flexible plastic the shu-moku (striker log).

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Received the sushi pitties in the mail today from China — very nice little characters. Wasabi?!

  • dskywalker01 says:

    Maybe its just been that we got burned before in 2010, but I have this sneaking suspicion that they will cancel all of the good stuff (RV’s, Doc With Pit Stand, Bumper $ave Pitty) and we will just be stuck with more of the Cars 2 garbage. :/

    Hope they prove me wrong… but again… I still don’t have my Mood Springs Pitty… or my N2O Cola Pitty… or my Bumper $ave or Shiny Wax Hauler… so I remain skeptical.

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