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Mattel Disney Pixar Planes Fire & Rescue: Blazin’ Blade Ranger

Blazing Blade Ranger arrives in stores!

Well, probably not a lot of stores.

Thanks “Mike W.” for the heads up & photo – thanks!

blazing blade

Nic Lopez

(This is Blade Ranger as “CHoPs” helicopter cop – essentially a repaint with tinted glasses and helmet). Also has the working hook like the regular Blade Ranger.

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  • cdtweasel says:

    I’ve only spotted him at a Walmart in Northern, VA so far. It isn’t really fair to call him a repaint. All 3 of the big parts that make him up are different. The top half has the ‘cop helmet’ and glasses sculpted into it, the bottom half has a different expression sculpted (big open mouth smile as oppose to regular blade rangers stern expression) and then the plastic piece on the bottom is different than the water tank piece on the regular blade ranger.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I saw him last week for the first time in a Target also.

  • Momoe says:

    I spotted him at Target, Charlottesville VA last week as well

  • mikewilliamson says:

    That would be me who sent the pic. Store was TARGET in Los Angeles, CA.

    (MET: Sorry, Mike!)

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