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Mattel Disney Planes Fire & Rescue: Deluxe Blade Ranger is Definitely Deluxe

In the nicest upgrade, the “oversized” Deluxe PLANES of Planes: Fire & Rescue are not only better sized but have moving features!

Blade Ranger.

blade left

Most of Blade is diecast metal – everything above the white cab portion and below the rotor blades is diecast metal. The left door is diecast metal but does not open.

The door that opens is plastic.

The back tail area is split 50-50 diecast & plastic (if you look closely, you can see the line under the words PISTON PEAK) where it splits (the bottom half is plastic).

blade top

It’s very cool, the hoist hook assembly tucks inside. To lower, simply pull on the hook … to raise, spin the propeller blades counter clockwise and it winds back up!

blade door

blade & hook

Close up of hook.

blade hook

It really works!

blade hang LM

blade & dusty

Size comparison to Lightning.

blade lightning

Comparison of Lightning & Mattel Dusty.    blade dusty

From above    blade chopper

Compared to Deluxe Windlifter. (more photos tomorrow).

blade & wind

What Blade Ranger will look like in stores.

Blade Ranger

Available for pre-order at Amazon & Walmart.

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