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Mattel Disney Pixar Toons: Streets of Japan Walmart Box Set

Thanks for the heads up & great photos, “Beccarelli B.”

Arriving at Walmart – the latest Tokyo Mater 3-pack with new releases & possible variants.

Streets of Japan

Well, one new release – Kabuto with Flames.


While this has been floating around int’l eBay sellers, this is his first official release and of course, if you bought early, you probably got one with a segmented face plate – this current releases matches all Kabuto’s now – with a unibody diecast shell.

Kabuto flames

Ninja Kabuto is presumed to be upgraded to a unibody (based on this photo supplied by Mattel). Ninja Kabuto is out as a single (well, good luck finding him).

ninja kabuto

It’s hard to tell if Cho has been upgraded to all metal – though not a unibody. Many CARS diecasts are “upgraded” but not as a unibody but have metal pieces that replace the plastic pieces.


Thanks for the great photos, “Beccarelli B.”


Not online yet.

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