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Mattel Disney Pixar Toons: Re-release Singles Updated Card

The latest Toon singles re-releases have the updated to 2015 card design …

Thanks for the heads up & photos, “Mariela P.”

heavy metal LM

Dr. Abschlepp Wagon was listed last year but this looks like its first re-release.

toon mater

Kabuto Ninja was upgraded to a unibody in last year’s re-release.

toon ninja

ninja kabuto

Cardback reveals the only “new” release of the singles (Bucky Brakedust) (not included in this case).

card back

In addition, this case contains: Rescue Squad Trooper, Komodo, Eddie & Rocky & Dragon Lightning McQueen.

Pics and heads up from “Mariela P,” thanks!

Interestingly enough, she says she found this at the Mattel Store – which is usually clearance items but sometimes they get a mistake shipment … so the question is whether these will really show up Walmart? Drop us a line if you see it!

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  • BMW says:

    Met: for the record, This is the first release since August of 2010 of Kabuto Ninja. He did not appear in 2014 at all at any Walmart as the other people stated on this thread. Now he being found as a single and in the new 3 pack with Cho, and Kabuto with Flames.

    (MET: Ah, thanks).

  • planetjak says:

    Just found these at my Walmart in Salt Lake City. First in a long time.

  • netmatrix says:

    Toon 3 years ago in Malaysia was like very good every month. We had all of the wave except the last 2 waves of every toon. Which is kind of crazy because it is Made in Malaysia back then. Now theye are made in china. Now as a re-release, i was hoping it would somehow be made available here. But when i saw the Only at Walmart, i cannot ditch the feeling of being ultra screwed. My Tokyo Mater set cannot be completed unless i pay more than 100USD for 1 Tokyo mater with or without oil stains. No to mention the other Maters in the series that i wanted like Heavy Metal Mater and UFO mater which never came at all.

    Mattel is not interested in making people happy. They make money and thats all there is to it. They never ever seem to learn that making people happy makes them more money that just selling a product for money. Doesn’t the losses they had last 2 years kind of reflect that?

  • John says:

    The Dragon Lightning McQueen pictured on the 2015 cardback matches the 2014 cardback picture, but the diecast released in 2014 is smiling and has a different eye expression.

    (MET: It turned out that was an error release – most released matched the last release).

  • raginpage says:

    MET, last year’s releases were Komodo, Dragon LMQ, Kyandee, Manji, Kaa Reesu, Drift Party Mater, Patokaa, and Ito San. Those 8 were it. The list you had a while back appears to be what is going to be released this year.

    Trust me, no one saw Kabuto Ninja on the shelves last year, we would have known.

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      Yet the Ninja was readily available on eBay. Seems like maybe it was scheduled and later pushed back?

      • raginpage says:

        On 2014 cardback? Or loose? I don’t recall at any time seeing it carded with last year’s toon cardbacks.

        (MET: Toon 2014 singles were released on their own card design – see link).

        • Mack_me_Bucko says:

          Loose, not carded. But that means they were at least being made in 2014 — they just weren’t packaged and put into the distribution chain. Who knows why Mattel does what they do at times. It seems to me that if the items were made, they’d want to sell them.

          I still maintain Mattel is going through the backdoor on purpose. One eBay vendor list they have sold hundreds upon hundreds (approaching a thousand) of common cars … it amounts to a clandestine distribution system, from manufacturer direct to consumer, no middleman or other link to eat up the profits. It these backdoor vendors are selling so many illegally, surely Mattel would step in and stop them?

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    What ‘last year’s re-release’ are you talking about, Met? This is the first time any of these have been available since 2010.

    (MET: Maybe your WM didn’t get any? Here’s what the cards looked like. This was the full list of singles. There were also 3 or 4 3-packs?)

  • Tom says:

    I really like the new cardbacks,nice eye appeal. Bold, clean design.
    I would like to get 2 more Kabuto ninjas so I have a set of 4. Is Bucky Brakedust a Biggest Fan repaint?

    (MET: Yes on the repaint).

  • bobbyjack says:

    If my kids were still into Cars, I’d be up for some ninjas. Since they aren’t, I’m only getting stuff I don’t have already just for my collection. I haven’t seen any new stuff in Walmart for a few months.

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