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Mattel Disney Pixar Toons: Walmart 3-Pack Diecasts

It looks like the Toons diecast will continue as a Walmart exclusive – these are the next 3-packs listed.

The Protect & Serve diecasts – the most enticing. Student Driver Lightning McQueen, Mike the Sheriff & Didi the Sheriff. Larger pics in yesterday’s post.

protect & serve toons

Kaa Reesu, Yokoza and Dragon Lightning McQueen (all previously released – Kaa Reesu re-released as a single recently … the only question is whether Dragon LM will be upgraded to a unibody).

3-pack toons 1

Dalmatian Mia, Dalmatian Tia & Rescue Squad Ambulance. Mia & Tia are unlikely to get a unibody upgrade – they just haven’t been available since 2009, just like the Ambulance.

(Note: the SDCC Dalmatian Mia & Tia’s had pearl paint and rubber tires versus the box set releases).

3-pack toons 3

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  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I just received Mike and Didi from China. Typical nice work by Mattel. The only things I will note are these:

    1. The three antennas on each Sheriff are shorter than the pictures above show.

    2. Neither Car has the silver hubcaps seen above.

    3. Both feature a more “determined” eyelid look than the “sleepy” shape shown above.

  • Jinzo says:

    Yes!!! More the more Toons, the better! Missed out the first time they were around due to having to decide between Toons & Final Lap… Glad I chose Final Lap wisely. Still nothing at my local Walmarts yet 🙁

  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    I’m.really glad the toons are getting box set releases again – wish rescue squad mater was in that pack instead of the ambulance – maybe next set lol

  • cac1959 says:

    Assuming we ever see new Cars at Walmart… other than the Radiator Springs 500 1/2 3 pack and the Leaving the Lodge Planes Fire and Rescue 3 pack, I’ve seen nothing new or nothing at Walmart stores for months… no singles newer than the Louis Larue case.

    And I agree with John in Missouri’s comments:

    The Protect and Serve 3 pack is awesome.

    The Tokyo Mater 3 pack – they must have thousands of extra Kaa Reesu, Yokoza, and Dragon Lightning McQueen.

    The Rescue Squad mater 3 pack – it’s great to see these re-released as it’s been a long, long time.

    (MET: If it’s the same plan as before, they’ll ship 13,000 of the middle 3-pack and 1,000 of the other 2).

  • John in Missouri says:

    Wow, yawn, and wow!

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