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Mattel Disney Pixar Toons: Ice Racers Diecast Singles Revealed

It seems the Ice Racers series & Toon are coming in Spring 2015 … but maybe it’s earlier? The post Christmas reset?

Ice Racer Carla

ice carla

Ice Racer Jeff Gorvette ice gorvette


Ice Racer Lewis Hamilton ice lewis


Ice Racer Max Schnell

ice max


Ice Racer Nigel Gearsley
ice nigel


Ice Racer Rip Clutchgoneskiice rip


Ice Racer Shu Todorokiice shu


Ice Racer Vitaly Petrovice vitaly

This is a first – ALL racers in a series actually shown. Whether they ALL get released is another matter but at least we know what they all look like.

The first 4 Ice Racers revealed are HERE!

What the singles on card look like.

And the trackset.

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