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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS – Shop Mattel “Exclusives” + Coupon Code (UPDATE #2)


kS61YOY-kLbBGVzr-xeTSTBOcoMXRbxMabAx2kfYAWt3jGYBDkWqNRs7MfPEoBA1GoAq2LgcK57gHcx01obLtzvTF42cP8sBonCSslC4CxnQl9pcLkORLerL2w7Cf7A7J2tMuBsWUv2bWeL7oTfGDUMVcSWfTqQA0ge3VsnBj6RQK3DKNeBtPgtAphnIAA=s0-d-e1-ftShop Mattel has some “exclusives.” They are not really exclusives but it doesn’t seem a lot of retail stores have ordered them so if you are interested in the “connected” series of tracks and town playsets – check out Shop Mattel – it seems everything is 20% off for this week.

cozy cone spiral Luigi Loop

You can check out all the open pics HERE of the townie launchers, the connected town playsets and extra tracks.

highway hideout  tractor tippin

They also have older 2-packs.


There’s also free shipping ($25 purchase) at Shop Mattel.
Thanks for the heads up, “John H!”

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  • Outlawbak says:

    Someone PLEASE tell me where on the Mattel site these are listed?? The above links are 404 and I can’t find any such playsets on the Mattel website listed under CARS

    (MET: There is a new coupon code – the previous one is expired – it’s now 25% off – graphic above has it, good until SATURDAY night. Click on link and then type CARS or DISNEY CARS in the top right search window. There are some hot wheels that might show up but keep scrolling. Good luck!)

  • John says:

    Today Mattel added a 15% coupon code that goes on top of the site wide 20%. “GREEN15”
    All four playsets together come to $30 with free shipping.

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