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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Toons: Ice Racers Moscow Race 4-Pack Preview

Thanks “MacQueen” for the early look at the Ice Racers Ice Racers Moscow Race 4-Pack.

moscow race 4-pack

All 11 racers + Vitaly Petrov are listed as singles so if you’re not a card completist, you can pick up 4 of the 12 in this box set. (Singles post ran this morning).

box back

Are the 4 below Box Set #2? Or like the Neon Racers, this is the only box set and you pick up the singles to complete the set.*

*okay, technically, the Neon Racers are NOT complete but should that surprise anyone? … Whose been collecting CARS … or toys for that matter?

You can see some of the open singles here.

Thanks for the great pics, “MacQueen!”

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