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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Target Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen Box Versions

The boxed Target-only Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen is still available online.

If you order it online, you get the RED BOX VERSION.

Thanks for the great red box photos “CarsFan4Rest.”

target box

This version essentially is the same as the Toy Fair promo giveaway version. The CARS logo is on the back left, Lightning faces to the left with his nameplate on the front.

Target lightning

Interestingly enough, the version available in stores is the EXACT SAME diecast (& the same position in the acrylic case) but it comes in a different packaging … instead of the red box, it comes with a larger inset white & red box that is a little larger and more display-like for retail.

RS Team LM

This is the first time in which a retailer sells/provides a different version online than in stores.

The in-store version is shown in this week’s ad circular …

target ad

So, you can start waving the circular around if you can’t find it in the store. You can look it up by its DCPI Number: 087-07-1124.

If you prefer the red box version – available ONLY online at Target.com



You can also get the Hot Wheels Star Wars 5-Pack with an exclusive Stormtroopers diecast … free shipping!


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  • Cars4AandR says:

    I ordered 2 form target.com and, when placing the order, a message came up saying that there was an error!?…so I started again and it went thru OK…to my Surprise I got two orders! Both orders are of the RED BOX.
    Open to a TRADE 2x…
    Looking for:
    The Queen (Deluxe)
    Ambulance Alfredo
    Duct Tape Mater
    Cartney Brakin
    Henri Motisse
    Sally with Tattoo
    Interview Francesco
    Jonathan Shiftko
    Yacht Fans Kimberly Rims and Carin Cavvy
    Audi & Sal Machiani (Repaint)
    Casino Pitties Marcelo & Marco (CHASE)
    Jessica Giampetrol & Nate Stanchion
    Shawn Krash & Sal Machiani

    STRETCHING: (willing to send 2x + some $)
    Super Chase ‘Ciao’ Francesco
    Super Chase Carateka

    e-mail : rino (at) nb (dot) sympatico (dot) ca
    Yes I am in Canada…but the 2nd order stayed in Maine as I have not crossed it into Canada yet…No Issue to mail! 🙂

  • a1holmes says:

    This Sucks! I ordered two online expecting the red box. My purchase arrived today with the standard retail box. Plus, it looks like someone was eating greasy chicken before packaging my purchase. GGRRRR!!

  • carslover says:

    I purchased 5 online shipped to my home
    the next day I decided I wanted more and tried to order 3 more
    but my order was not filled stating the item was restricted and could not ship to Texas
    when my order of 5 arrived they were in the red boxes
    mine were shipped from a different location than cac1959’s were
    so maybe only one location had the red boxes and when they ran out they started shipping the target packaged ones

    (MET: It gets weirder … I think they offer SHIP TO STORE also so you might try that?)

  • jrcairo says:

    I’ve also bought it online but received the white box one

  • cac1959 says:

    A friend placed an order for 10 from target.com and had them shipped to me… he had to place 2 orders of 5… the packages came today… containing the exact same item that we’ve seen in stores… not the version in the red McQueen box… with a sticker on the bottom of each package.

    I was thinking of ordering a few myself… but this caused me to change my mind… I can pick them up in stores and not have the sticker on the bottom.

    (MET: So, the mystery deepens … Chime in if you ordered online also).

  • Tom says:

    BMW, I saw the master case at Target when I bought mine a few weeks ago, I don’t have a pic, but it was nothing special. I would have remembered if there was anything unusual about it.

    • BMW says:

      Hi Tom, I was referring to the red box version that people were getting from Target on line. I haven’t received my on line order yet. If its not the red box one I will return those as I already have the regular retail one.

  • Pepsiman69 says:

    I’m sure glad I purchased my 2 online. I would have passed if I saw these at retail first. The box make the purchase worth it (kind of).

  • BMW says:

    Ordered 2 on line a few days ago when other collectors started posting pictures of the red box version. I still think this red box version was originally intended as a GWP for Kmart like the Metallic Dusty in the Acrylic box. I’d like to see the outside of the cases these were shipped in to Target.

  • collectormom says:

    Seeing as how there is no Target here in Germany I ordered it online. I’ll let you know in about 6 weeks which packaging version I get, they shipped it FedEx Smartpost, which comes by boat.

  • Adam S says:

    Saw in store a few days ago. Not moved enough to buy.

    Still trying to figure out what they are going for at that price. Really no retail product compares price wise for the size. It’s like thy are charging for a Thomas product in toys r us or something.

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