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Disney Planes Fire & Rescue: Disney Store Ultimate Rescue Die Cast Gift Set

“Enzo” sends us this pics from the UK Disney Store – not available yet in the US.

The Disney Store isn’t kidding around with this ULTIMATE RESCUE DIE CAST BOX SET.

I don’t think I could lift this box – though a 5-year old who thinks he might get this for Christmas will able to lift this 50 lbs box of metal diecast. 🙂

planes ultimate rescue

In addition to the vehicles/planes already released – there are a few new additions. Most noteable, Cabbie the Transporter. Is he really all metal diecast?

If he is – this is what you would call heavy metal.

Top View cabbie

Very nice looking. You also get an exclusive Pulaski. Also all metal?


Plus Patch. Also an exclusive.


Thanks for the great pics, “Enzo!”

It’ll be interesting to see how much metal Cabbie & Pulaski are but if they are like other Disney Store releases, they might be serious heavy metal.

If you spot it in the store or pick one up, let us know the metal breakdown. Remember to lift it with your legs – otherwise, the Disney Store does not really want customers rolling around the ground with their hands down their pants yelling HERNIA!

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16 October 2014 Disney Planes Fire & Rescue, Disney Store 10 Comments


  • Cars4AandR says:

    Can anyone tell me if this set is coming to USA?
    What is the item code?
    Sample Item #: Item No. 6372036511458P
    I have looked at Disney UK and could not see this set listed?
    Really want one…and contacts in UK?
    Thanks !

    (MET: In some Disney Stores retail already – more pics coming. Should be listed online soon).

  • Later Mater says:

    Awesome set. I can’t wait to get one.

    I hope Disney store brings out a full size Cabbie, just like they did with “Hector Vector” from Planes last year, even if he is plastic. This way you can fit all the die cast Smoke Jumpers in him.

    The kids just loved re-inacting the scene where Hector rescued Dusty in the first movie. They will love putting all the smoke jumpers in Cabbie and flying him around.

    • Later Mater says:

      Talk about getting what you asked for…

      I just picked up this set. It is TOTALLY AWESOME.

      As for the Large Cabbie…Disney store has it as well!!! Can’t wait to get one:


      I’m not sure about the exclusive Dusty. It looks just like the Pontoon Dusty.

  • Adam S says:

    Metro sent stateside picks to u last night. It’s 119.99. One pick has like 10 stacked high. Didn’t think to pick it up to see how heavy. Next time. Doubtful as a purchase.

  • cuseoscar says:

    I wish Avalanche made the cut so all the smoke jumpers were in the box, but I guess someone had to be cut or else this would be huge.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Based on Patch’s eyes, he must be from Colorado.

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