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Mattel Disney Planes: The Mystery Sparky the Pitty

“John H.” uncovered this Sparky … probably a Disney Store Sparky as it doesn’t have enough markings for a Mattel Sparky.

Sparky-bottom Arturo-pitty-and-Sparky-side

Compared to Arturo’s Pitty and below to Disney Store’s plastic Sparky.

DS-plastic-Sparky-Arturos-pitty-metal-Sparky DS-Skipper-and-Sparky Mattel-Dottie-and-Maru-with-Sparky-front Mattel-Dottie-with-Sparky-front Mattel-Dottie-with-Sparky-side

Thanks for the nice pics, “John H.”

The upcoming 6-packs lists a Mattel Sparky (with a few repeats).

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