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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Singles Preview CASE Q (2015)

It’s unclear when the first case for 21015, the Q case, will be out … November 2014? … as the norm when the typical motif changes to the next one or will it be after Christmas?

It looks like the general “themes” concept won’t change as the product codes for singles for 2015 does not change – however since 2013, the first year of the themes concept, the actual design will change slightly as will the subcategories.

Since there is really nothing truly new in the case, it seems unlikely there are any Super Chases or Chases (at least in this case).


Of course, the big news is Tach O Mint makes it 35 of 36 Plastic Tire Piston Cup Racers.*

Tach O Mint

* Though technically, it’s still 34 out of 36 if you count that the aggro Dale Jr. expression while available as a rubber tire release has never been re-released with plastic tires.

Chauncy Fares

Chauncey Fares

NEW “Non-Limited” Singles Release (Thanks for the update, “BMW.”)

Marty Brakeburst – Available in a box set and as a limited Final Lap single in 2009.

Marty Brakeburst WMHooman – Available in a box set and as a limited Final Lap single in 2010.Β  Hooman WM

Andrea, previously released as a single but but the first release since 2009.

Andrea WM

While probably not rare, Acer was last released in 2012.Acer WM

One each in the case. The others are all CARS that have been released in 2013 or 2014 (Raoul, Dexter Hoover, Lightning, full list coming).


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