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Mattel Disney Planes Fire & Rescue: Mattel Mayday Is Nice But …

On the surface, Mattel’s version of Mayday is nice …


Lots of fun details.


Good realism of a working truck.


Fun “dirty” looking.

Unlike the Disney Store one, no dented front fender. Unless it’s an important plot point, it seems to be a minor thing.

But the front grill does seem pretty weak. A little too plastic looking.


But compared to the Disney Store Mayday?

The extra detailing on the Disney Store Mayday makes its claim as the better Mayday by far.



Everything just looks a little more realistic.

“John H.” who sends along all these great photos, notes … ” Mattel’s version seems more size appropriate. The DS model is better in every other way. Solid metal, detailing, applied aging.

The Mattel model is a real disappointment and I don’t think many will like it. It feels like it is all plastic although I suspect the chassis and cab are metal (riveted) with a plastic pump section. (screw) Grill looks like red plastic as do wheels. I’ve not seen an open Mattel Chug, but I’d guess it too is metal cab/plastic body? It feels as if the Mattel Mayday were designed by a different group than did the Cars vehicles.”


Thanks for the great photos and review, “John H.”


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6 June 2014 Disney Planes Fire & Rescue 4 Comments


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