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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: T5 Checklist Magazine Sale

MagCloud is becoming part of Blurb so they are having a sale – 20% off.

You need to sign up to become a member (free signup) but I think you have to become “a member” to order anything anyway …

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You get 20% off the wholesale cost so it’s around $1 to @$2.00 off the regular price.

Everything 2013 Cover72-620

The numbered issues generally cover that year’s motif (other than #8). These issue feature every single, box set, etc mint on card or box and also the open diecasts of that year.

#1 Desert Art (2006)
#2 Supercharged (2007)
#3 World of CARS (2008)
#4 Race O Rama (2009)
#5 Final Lap (2009-2010)
#6 Lenticular (2009-2010)
#7 Expanded Universe (2008-2010)
#8 Ultra Collectors (2006-2011)
#9 CARS 2 Porto Corsa (2011-2012)
#10 CARS Theme 2013 (2013)

There are 2 complete open issues, one in alphabetical order and one in year by year (chronological order).

Complete Year by Year CARS & Expanded Universe
Complete CARS & Expanded Universe (Alphabetical)

You can preview all the issues here. Click on each issue and then on PREVIEW to flip through the pages.

Thanks for your support of T5!

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