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Mattel Says Don’t be a Barbie Hater, Be a Barbie Buyer

Mattel wants you to stop hating on Barbie and go back to buying Barbie …

“Barbie. It’s amazing how one doll can conjure so many different feelings and spark so much conversation. To learn more about how kids and their parents really feel about playing with Barbie, we started The #BarbieProject. No scripts. No rehearsals. Just real kids, real parents, telling their stories. What do you see when your kids play with Barbie? Join the conversation by sharing your story using #BarbieProject and discover more at www.barbieproject.com.”

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26 May 2014 Mattel One Comment

One Comment

  • flarf says:

    I loved my Barbies but I grew up in an era with much less body image issues. I kept many of them. I only have a son. Maybe a granddaughter some day…

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