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Mattel Disney PLANES: Antonio & Judge Davis with Pitty & Tent

In a big surprise, Judge Davis with Tent & Pitty lands on the outer runway with Antonio, Pitty & Tent.

Thanks for the great photos, “Lane Change!

These Pitty’s had been available from backdoor dealers so it’s been presumed these sets were coming but until they got released, it was impossible to say for certain but they’re out!

Antonio, the Spanish racer comes with a Pitty and a tent.

And Judge Davis, previously available as a single at Kroger’s returns in this tent with Pitty Gift Pack.

Planes Walmart

Lane Change found these at Walmart – no exclusive sticker so we might it elsewhere but outside of Amazon, I’ve haven’t seen many of the newer tent gift sets elsewhere.

antonio plane

Nice paint scheme.

antonio pitty

Antonio has never been released before. Antonio is also not listed as a single in the last wave coming.

antonio back

While Judge Davis has been released as a single (in the Easter Kroger assortment), in many parts of the country, there’s no Kroger’s so he was difficult to find. Hopefully he’ll be easier to find in this tent configuration.


While he’s just called a “Wings Around the Globe” (Race) Pitty, isn’t this really Roper? Though no clipboard?

judge back

BTW, these two gift sets are NOT listed on Walmart, Target or Amazon online … at least not yet.

There were 6 original Gift Sets on the first list (they’re just called Gift Set #1, #2, etc …) but since those 6 were released, that list is complete. There was a second list of 6 with different UPC’s and the first 2 on THAT list are these two so that means there are 4 MORE Planes with Pitty & tent on a list. Does that mean they will get released? Hard to say – generally as we transition from one film to the next, it’s natural they stop releasing products for the first one but these are pretty close together so perhaps there’s no reason not to … we’ll just have to wait and see what’s what.

Thanks for the great photos and heads up, “Lane Change.”

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